The eENVplus Linked Thesaurus fRamework for Environment (LusTRE)


LusTRE is the Linked Thesaurus fRamework for Environment developed in eENVplus aiming to provide shared standard and scientific terms for a common understanding of environmental data among the different communities operating in the different fields of the Environment. .

LusTRE consists of a compilation of various environmental thesauri and the interlinking between the concepts addressed by them. Thesauri in the framework are exposed as a collection of SKOS concept schemes, which provides lightweight semantics for thesaurus concepts.

It shall support better metadata compilation and metadata discovery for describing and finding data and services. In particular, the main goal of having such a framework is to be able to preserve and retrieve the information based on the semantic definitions, rather than just lexical keywords.

This would guarantee the uniformity of the persisted metadata information, as well as discoverability of metadata based on the semantic meanings even if metadata include diverse and dissimilar keywords.

LusTRE provides a knowledge infrastructure (LusTRE-VOC), consisting of a compilation of various environmental vocabularies and the matching between the concepts addressed by them. Further, it offers access to these various vocabularies as one virtual integrated Linked Data source. It includes vocabularies related to different INSPIRE data themes such as Biodiversity, Habitats, Biotopes, Species Distribution, Biogeographical Region, Protected Sites, Geology, Air Quality. Moreover, their concepts are linked with the concepts of other vocabularies uploaded in LusTRE’s SPARQL end point (e.g., GEMET, AGROVOC) or exposed in the LOD Cloud (e.g., EuroVoc, DBpedia).

LusTRE is enhanced by a set of exploitation/retrieval means, the thesaurus framework exploitation services LusTRE-ES, offering a number of end-user oriented web services utilize its wealth of semantic information in various applications, particularly in metadata compilation and discovery.

LusTRE is available as web interface providing access for calling the LusTRE-ES services directly. In eENvplus it has been employed for improving the metadata editor tool EUOSME and the prototypical version of the INSPIRE Geoportal.

Moreover, through the LusTRE web interface an exploration tool LusTRE-WEBe is available allowing manual searching and browsing through the LusTRE-Voc. It is empowered by a visual tool LusTRE-WEBe-Vis supporting the user in a semantic explorative search.

Training Material


Follow this Training Module in the eENVplus e-learning platform.

Source code

Download source code from our GitHub repository ad start to exploit LusTRE vocabularies within your tool:

eENVplus Thesaurus Framework Exploitation Service
The visualization repository


The use of this component is free. For inquiries on how to re-use this software in your organisation, please CONTACT US.

Vocabularies included in LuSTRE are licenced as specified in LusTRE terminology web page
All interlinking developed by IMATI are released under a CC-BY licence
Code developed is release under the Apache Licence 2.0.


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