Land Cover change detection and planning indicators

The pilot application aims at supporting an expert user in analyzing the evolution of urban growth and air quality and its relation with human activities.

Land Cover change detection and planning indicators

The aim of this pilot is to create an application that supports the analysis of land cover changes over time, namely the evolution of urban growth, enabling to relate this analysis with human activities and socioeconomic data.

The relevance of the platform relates with the capability of including LULC evolution among the last decades in a combined statistical approach, given the user the possibility to understand and explore different harmonised datasets.

The application aims to evaluate the fitness-for-purpose of various available official datasets that deal with urban landscape evolution in multiple time series.

The application is based on the use of an harmonization procedure, based on the eENVplus data harmonization and validation toolkit, for dataset and metadata harmonization, to produce INSPIRE Compliant land cover data.

The client perspective has been implemented in order to offer the following functionalities:

  • Evaluate the area (hectares) of each class of land use growth or decline;
  • Access combined indicators built using LULC changes and LULC evolution analysis combined with statistical data.
  • Allow a better understanding of territorial changes and increase well balanced development strategies, allowing local analysis and making controlled generalizations to larger scales according to the MS or EU government programs and user requirements.
  • Overlapping features;
  • Access to attributes (information about features to make some calculations with numeric information);
  • Digitalize areas.

These functionalities are mainly based on the Processing service integrated in the client, while the final result of land cover change has been transformed in INSPIRE compliant format using a transformation process.

The last step has been to set-up the web service for the LU/LC data, integrating in the viewer interface for calling the application to determine LC change between different dates and integrate the WPS and building dynamic territorial indicators to monitor and support land use planning activities.

The land use/cover analysis is supported by a WPS service (implemented by a joint effort between SINERGIS, on the main technological support, and DGT responsible by the data management support and creation of the client application). The user selects, using a drop down menu, the period of analysis (initial and final year), identifies on the map the area he wants to use in the analysis (polygon or rectangle) and clicks the button to execute the process.


This application has been developed by DGT Portugal.
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