Geological Map Harmonization in Italy and Slovenia

This pilot application aims at supporting an expert user in geohazard analysis concerning a certain area.

The main goal is to build an application that use the geological harmonised map, which is available at two different scales (the generic one uses INSPIRE GE Data model, and the other one uses GeoSciML extension) to support user in geohazard analysis concerning a certain area.

A specific integrated widget has been designed to manage the two different use cases hazard example and to interact with the processing service of eENVplus infrastructure.

In the first phase the geological content have been semantically harmonised in according with IUGS-CGI and INSPIRE vocabularies and the harmonised datasets have been made accessible from ISPRA and GeoZS SDI in standard services format harmonised and validated also using the project toolkit and TF Service.

Moreover in the pilot, the user in several steps can manipulate parameters to better re-fine the results. At the end the users final susceptibility or probability map can be stored in automatic way through a transformation WPS (processing Service) in NRZ data model web service (WFS); that service has been included in the last integration phase to facilitate the pilot procedures.

To better demonstrate, as well described in the above description, the eENVplus infrastructure, after a revision, two use cases have been performed:

The main workflow actions in the use cases are:

A test to call the processing service that the user can use and manipulate on the susceptibility classes of geology and land cover layer has been integrated in the MapStore.

In a specific client a widget has been created to integrate web service and processing service request and response for both the use cases, in the viewer are also integrated the web service need to perform the analysis and to view dataset useful to understand the natural phenomena.


This application has been developed by ISPRA and GeoZS.
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