INSPIRE Geoportal - Nature conservation data in Iceland

A user, using this mobile application, must choose what he/she is going to report by choosing one of the following categories: Road Obstacles, Natural Objects, Damage to Nature or the Surface Type.

This Pilot provides a mobile application able to consume services, but also have WMS, and WFS available on the Icelandic Geoportal according to INSPIRE implementing rules. Using the mobile application, the user have to choose what he/she is going to report by selecting one of the available categories. Moreover the user‘s location is recorded using a geo-located picture of his/hers mobile device.

Where possible (reporting Natural Objects and Damage to Nature), a user can extend his/hers reporting using a description box within the App. A picture of an object, taken by a user can also be uploaded with the reporting.

This pilot uses mainly Crowdsourcing service in the mobile app and, to make accessible the national dataset in INSPIRE format, harmonization and validation toolkit has been used. For testing, an ingestion service has been used to deploy on the Administrative Unit dataset.

The other data are made available through the portal of the National Land Survey of Iceland. To demonstrate the use of the services of eENVplus service two main use cases have been provided: Discovery and viewing, INSPIRE compliant services for nature conservation purposes and Crowdsourcing on environmental objects in Iceland.

The first use case has been represented to expose the INSPIRE Data themes for the pilot in the geoportal which is also the metadata catalogue; in accordance with the metadata procedure annex 1, the metadata for all the data involved in the pilot are also available in the eENVplus metadata catalogue. To enforce the metadata action the new metadata documents are uploaded on NLSI catalogue. The data themes involved in the pilot are:

  • I.4.AU: Administrative units (from the National Land Survey of Iceland part of the European Boundary Map)
  • I.9.PS: Protected sites (From the Environment Agency of Iceland)
  • I.7.TN: Transport Networks (Roads from the National Land Survey of Iceland part of the National Database IS 50V)

The mobile application workflow is:

  1. A user downloads the application from Google Play.
  2. A user travels to describe the field and starts the built in GPS. The app uses the GPS position.
  3. 3. A user clicks on the application icon, chooses the country where he or she is and registers himself/herself (only registered users can submit the data).
  4. A user collects a point of interest and takes a picture on field.
  5. When the internet connection is available, the user sends the collected observations to the central eENVplus repository and downloads new data uploaded from other users.

“Crowdsourcing on environmental objects in Iceland”: this use case covers the entire set of functionalities provided by the eENVplus mobile app and crowdsourcing service. The workflow is described in the previous numbered list

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