Window on the Protected Areas - Mobile Conservation Map

This Pilot is implemented as a mobile application that provides to the users the possibility to query and navigate the national natural heritage of Hungary and the Slovak Republic easily accessing to the protected area network.

In addition, the pilot application makes user involved in collecting data about species distribution within their actual location via easy to use crowdsourcing form. Intended target user group of pilot application is broad non-professional hiking public. During the online operation the application checks if there is any interesting data uploaded form the users at the eENVplus repository.

The use of eENVplus infrastructure has been planned into a use case: Mobile Conservation Map (MCM) Application.

As first step of implementation it has been harmonised and validated datasets needed to perform pilot using harmonization and validation toolkit; after that the datasets have been made available as web service from the Slovakian side directly by SAZP.

Regarding the Hungarian part of pilot the data are available as service, but during the implementation phase it has been needed to find solution to provide them in INSPIRE compliant format and those data (Protection site and hydrography) have been provided using the ingestion service. The pilot is focus on the crowdsourcing action; therefore also the collected data are stored in eENVplus infrastructure and exposed as web service using the ingestion component. All the data have been finally integrated in the mobile application. Pilot Application is available for Android and iOS devices.

The pilot workflow is exposed as follows:
  1. The user downloads the mobile application from Google Play or App Store
  2. The user travels to the field and enables the GPS position. Using the app requires GPS position.
  3. The user clicks on the icon of MCM application.
  4. The MCM application should decide which language should be set as default HU, SK or EN. The setting could be supported by the GPS location (Hungarian in HU, Slovak in SK).
  5. The user navigate the map using zoom and pan gestures.
  6. The user collects point of interests and picture on field, and geo-reference them on the map.
  7. When the internet connection is available, the user sends the collected observations to the central eENVplus repository and downloads new data uploaded from other users.


This application has been developed by Fondazione Graphitech in Italy, SAZP in Slovakia, and MRD in Hungary.
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