Natural Areas INSPIRE Compliance Toolbox

The final goal of the Pilot was to build an end-user mobile application, which provides Nature Conservation information to the user that can know, if he is into a natural area (within INSPIRE thematic) or near one.


The user afterwards, he can access details about this natural area. After observing a species, he can enter this information into the application and it provides to him if there are other occurrences of this species around him (buffer around his position). Afterwards, he can access details about this natural area. To demonstrate the use of project infrastructure two main use cases have been performed: determine if the user is in or near a Protected site / a bio-geographical region or a Habitat / a biotope zone and “I have seen a species - is there other around me?”.

The first phase of implementation was related to harmonise and validate datasets need to perform pilot using harmonization and validation toolkit; the second part was related to integrate the web services deployed by ATEN in the mobile application.

During the implementation phase the pilot has decided to have one additional software component that was provided within this pilot is the eENVplus mobile app for species distributions. The aforementioned app allows users to collect data related the species distribution in France, selecting scientific name from the EUNIS Species vocabulary available in the Thesaurus Framework LusTRE, quantity and position through a dedicated form.

The main workflow is:

  1. The user downloads the application from Google Play.
  2. The user travels to the field and starts the built in GPS. The app needs GPS position.
  3. The user clicks on the android MCM application.
  4. The user collects point of interests
  5. When the internet connection is available, the user sends the collected observations to the central eENVplus repository and downloads new data uploaded from other users.

The eENVplus mobile application to perform the use cases is mainly related to: