CSspire – Everyday life issues

The aim of the pilot is to remove barriers which potential end-users have in obtaining information needed to solve “every day-life” situations.
CSspire has been created as an easy to use decision support system providing end users not only with information but with relevant guidance as well.


The system combines spatial (INSPIRE related) as well as non-spatial (statistics, and indicator based reports) data with other relevant information (legislative context, required administrative procedures etc.) and suggestions of further steps and/or contacts to relevant experts.

The system is able to share and provide information from Czech and Slovak data sources.
The eENVplus infrastructure is acting as a wrapper to CENIA services, it collects the parametres from the clients, sends it to CENIA interface and waits for the resulting pdf file.
The workflow is:

  1. Get spatial data (mostly shapefiles)
  2. Start the geoprocessing service (ArcGIS Server geoprocessing service)
  3. Set up the georeport template using a georeport toolkit (own development)
  4. Save the result to pdf
Each georeport is composed from one or more geoprocessing services which are running from the original spatial data.
There is a process model for each georeport mapping all possible combinations of results which is being used as a cornerstone for building the geoportal template.
Based on location inserted the geoprocessing tasks are run for that place, the results are taken over by the georeport engine that uses it as an input for further set up of the georeport.


This application has been developed by CENIA.
For inquiries and to know more about this experience please CONTACT US.

CSspire GeoReport Web Client

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Training Material


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