The eENVplus Metadata Editor

The European Open Source Metadata Editor (EUOSME) is a Java web application based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) library.

It has been developed as part of the EuroGEOSS project to help create metadata compliant with the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation (1205/2008).

More specifically, this implementation allows to describe a spatial data set, a spatial data set series or a spatial data service compliant with the standards ISO 19115:2003 and ISO 19119:2005.

It is linked to the INSPIRE Metadata Validator Service available from the INSPIRE EU Geoportal.
It also provides extended features on semantic queries.

EUOSME original source code is available through the Open Source Observatory & Repository Europe as well via the Joinup platform of the European Commission.

EUOSME and eENVplus

EUOSME has been extended to access the eENVplus Catalogue Service and to navigate through Thesaurus Framework services including extended features such as automated keyword completion, semantic search on keyword concepts and synonims and multilanguage support.

Source Code

Download source code from our repository and start to develop your own environment based on EUOSME metadata editor and eENVplus Thesaurus Framework.

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EUOSME and Catalogue Service metadata workflow

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