eENVplus CrowdSourcing Service

The eENVplus CrowdSourcing service is the first tool that allows to generate INSPIRE-compliant data, according with the Species Distribution v4.0 data theme, by the use of data collected by users.

This service allows the collection of data (crowdsourcing) through a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Fully compatible with the eENVplus ingestion and data access services, the automatic generation of INSPIRE-compliant data constitutes a new way to make and publish your dataset!

The crowdsourcing service is a component developed by scratch in order to fulfil requirements from 3 pilots of the eENVplus project.

It allows the collection of environmental-related observations, such as species distribution or damage to environmental objects.

The user, for a specific location expressed in lat/lon coordinates, is able to specify a category and type of the observation, optionally insert a description related to the observation and a picture taken from the device camera.

User collected data can be visualized as Point of interest in the 2D map or via the available Augmented Reality mode and, by clicking on it, PoI information can be retrieved by the internal database.

Synchronization through device allows to acquire observations collected from active users. The mobile app is fully compatible with the OGC WMS 1.3 protocol.

An additional web portal, used by users to visualize POIs not only by a mobile device and administrators to set up the services, is directly connected with the Thesaurus Framework LusTRE through the TF web APIs, and allows performing additional filters over POI.

Powered by the built-in on-the-fly schema transformation, species distribution observations will be clustered accordingly with the EUNIS classification, and exposed as 1km by 1km grid created using EEA fishnet tool in ETRS 89 LAEA 5210 projection.


The eENVplus Crowdsourcing service has been developed by Fondazione Graphitech.
The use of this component is free. For inquiries on how to re-use this software in your organisation please contact us.

Crowdsourcing Service

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