The eENVplus Client

The eENVplus client is a modular and highly extensible application based on the Open Source software MapStore supporting open standards and metadata viewer capabilities.
This demos demonstrate the use and consumption of the following services:

View service
The client WMS layer manager permits add content form WMS and WMST servers on the fly or into configuration file.
Manage temporal animations if time dimension is supported in the WMS.
Download Services
for vector
WFS services are managed via layer manager. It also provides a WFS search tool.
Download Services
for coverages
Exploiting the potential of OpenLayers, MapStore supports WCS 1.1.1, making a request to a WCS to perform GetCoverage, GetCapabilities and DescribeCoverage operations.
Processing Service
Mapstore WPS Manager Plugin provides a high level API to interact with Web Processing Services (WPS 1.0.0) and manage the process instances.

In this demos, INSPIRE compliant data from the eENVplus Pilot cases has been integrated in different instances of the eENVplus client. In some cases the client features the integration of a custom WPS widget.

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